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Bruce Tatarian… Mr. Bruce A. Tatarian serves as HµREL®’s Senior Adviser. Mr. Tatarian served as a corporate officer and vice president in charge of worldwide commercial operations for the bioresearch business of Beckman Instruments (now Beckman-Coulter), he possesses substantial experience in developing bioanalytic devices and introducing them to the marketplace, as well as in general matters of managing technology-driven businesses and personnel. Among the many specific responsibilities, he undertook during his twenty-year tenure at Beckman-Coulter, Mr. Tatarian ran the group that introduced the Biomek automated laboratory workstation to the pharmaceutical industry. He serves as a Director of HµREL Corporation. He holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry from California State University, Fresno; a JD degree from Western State University College of Law; and an MBA from California State University, Long Beach.

Ken Daniel…, Mr. Daniel was the Mechanical Integrity Supervisor for Diversified Project Services International.  Previous to this, he was founder and President of Diversified Technology Services Inc. (DTS) an inspection, corrosion monitoring and consulting firm serving the Power, Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries.  DTS provided expert services from 2000 until the sale of the company in 2009.  Ken Daniel has over 37 years’ experience in the energy services industry, including 12 years as an inspection department supervisor with Unocal Corp. and 7 years as a project manager with a US & International consulting firm.  Mr. Daniel currently holds certifications with the American Petroleum Institute for the inspection of pressure vessels, process piping and atmospheric storage tanks.  Mr. Daniel is considered an expert regarding corrosion and inspection within the petroleum industry and is highly sought after for his expertise and advise.

Roy Kusumoto…. Mr. Kusumoto has been involved with FTI since 1994 in advisory roles to include; finance, operations, product development and design and marketing.  An innovative technical visionary leader with excellent progressive management skills. He is a highly regarded hands-on technical business entrepreneur with mass production expertise having international ties to the USA, Asia and Europe. With an extensive background in technology, financing, marketing and engineering development, through over 35 years in the semiconductor, Defense and Energy development and Consumer Electronics industries.
Specialties: High speed volume manufacturing, electronic and mechanical equipment design, process and data analysis. An entrepreneur and Industrialist and awarded the Charles Davidson School of Engineering 2016 Alumni Distinction Award from SJSU.

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