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Diesel Generator Fuel Maintenance Systems from FTI

An emergency power system is only as reliable as its weakest link; don't let that weak link be a poor diesel generator fuel maintenance system. In an emergency where a loss of power occurs, mission critical facilities (including hospitals, data processing centers, prisons, and banks) are dependent on the operability and reliability of their emergency power systems for safety, security, and uninterrupted operation.

Few realize that stored diesel fuel can begin to deteriorate within just 28 days of refining, increasing the chances of engine failure or damage. What will happen when the power goes out in your high-rise building? Will your defense, emergency, or security system remain armed when a loss of power occurs? Protect your veterans administration, government office, or other classified mission critical facility from catastrophe by investing in a reliable emergency diesel generator fuel maintenance system with Fuel Technologies International.

Fuel Technologies International (FTI) manufactures automated stored diesel fuel maintenance systems and provides comprehensive preventative maintenance programs to fight stored diesel fuel degradation on all fronts—oxidation, microorganism growth, and corrosion—so that your emergency power systems are safe, functional, and stable when you need them most.

Fuel Technologies International is the only manufacturer of automated stored diesel fuel maintenance equipment that is FM Approved and NFPA Compliant. FTI also has an elevated understanding of biodiesel fuel, though only 5% of the market currently uses it. FTI is ahead of the industry curve in regards to knowledge of how to properly maintain and utilize both diesel and biodiesel fuels effectively.
There are four essential components to an effective fuel maintenance program:

  1. Thoroughly remove particulate from your fuel using an FM Approved System. These systems operate on an optimum schedule to maintain the continuous reliability of your stored fuel system.
  2. Achieve optimum diesel purification through use of an Approved Biocide.
  3. Further protect your emergency power fuel through use of an Approved Fuel Stabilizer.
  4. FTI suggests two annual ASTM Approved Test Methods to ensure that your emergency power system fuel is both safe and clean.

FTI has been known as the expert in diesel generator fuel maintenance since 1993. FTI will not only provide you with the systems and programs for maintaining your diesel fuel, but will teach you why they are important and how to use them.

Consumers can invest their confidence in Fuel Technologies International not only because all FTI products are FM approved, but FTI is also an approved GSA Schedule Contractor, earned an impressive 96 overall rating on Dun & Bradstreet's Open Ratings Report, and is registered with the Central Contractors Registry. FTI is a veteran owned company—all products are manufactured in the United States and shipped worldwide. Contact FTI Today to learn about our easy-to-install, safe, integrated, and automated diesel generator fuel maintenance systems.
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