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LTSA-35 MIL — Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel Technologies North America's fuel stabilizer is a key component of any backup fuel filtration system. In addition to FTI's automated diesel fuel maintenance systems, FTI's military-grade fuel stabilizer LTSA-35A MIL is an essential fuel maintenance product for maintaining clean stored diesel fuel tanks, for both military and non-military applications.

LTSA (Long Term Storage Additive) 35A MIL is a non-phosphorous, multifunctional fuel stabilizer providing rust and corrosion inhibition, dispersancy, antioxidant properties, color stability, and copper metal deactivation. LTSA-35A is the only product listed on the qualified products list under MIL-S-53021, compliant for use by all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense.

The Essential Two-Part Fuel Maintenance Package: LTSA-35A supersedes LTSA-15 and LTSA-35 and is one part of a two-part package of fuel maintenance products that includes Microbicide 1.5.

Common Applications: LTSA-35A MIL contains an advanced dispersant to greatly reduce sediment formation during storage and is especially appropriate as a backup fuel filtration system for long-term storage of diesel fuels.

Primary Applications: Primarily LTSA 35-A is used for: the treatment of fuel in depot facilities where vehicles and equipment are in rebuild or storage; maintaining clean diesel fuel tanks and pre-positioned material at locations involving storage of equipment partially or fully fueled; fuel stocks intended for intermediate storage of 6-24 months or long-term storage of 25-60 months. Military Customers: 5-gallon drum (NSN:6850-01-167-4789) and 55-gallon drum (NSN: 6850-01-167-4788).

Non-Military Applications: LTSA-35A MIL has also found widespread use in a number of non-military and commercial applications such as for long-term storage of middle distillate fuels for utilities, standby diesel generators, home heating oil, and biodiesel blends. Non-Military Customers: 5-gallon pail (FQS-405-35A MIL) and 55-gallon drum (FQS-455-35A MIL).

Diesel Fuel Stabilizer
LTSA-35A MIL contains an advanced dispersant to greatly reduce sediment formation during long-term diesel storage.

Suggested Treatment: 1 gal / 5,000 gal of fuel

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