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Microbicide 1.5— Diesel Fuel Biocide, Microbiocide

Just a few droplets of water— merely a one millimeter film of condensation —is enough to put an entire diesel fuel tank at risk of microbial contamination, and eventually engine failure. Fuel Technologies LLC's comprehensive automated diesel fuel maintenance systems provide not only the essential auto fuel filtration for continuous protection against nearly 100% of water and sediment, but also offer the high performance fuel maintenance products necessary to stave off degradation or instability in diesel fuel tanks.

Fuel Tech uses Microbicide 1.5, the most highly effective fast-acting broad-spectrum biocide which, when applied two to three times a year, will prevent your fuel from costly contamination from microbes.

About Microbial Contamination: Microbial contamination—a serious risk for all types of petroleum-based products including fuels, feedstocks, and finished fuels like biodiesel— inevitably leads to product spoilage, corrosion on fuel-wetted surfaces, plugged filters and engine failure. In order to safeguard diesel fuel tanks during distribution and terminal storage for international and domestic fuel markets, military facilities, utilities, airlines, railroads, truck fleets, standby diesel generators and the consumer, a backup fuel filtration system that addresses microbial contamination is essential.

About Microbicide 1.5: Since microorganisms multiply rapidly in fuel with the tiniest traces of water, contaminated fuel systems require a biocide that is quick, thorough, efficient, and long lasting. That is why the US military and leading aircraft authorities choose Microbicide 1.5 to protect their stored diesel fuel. Microbicide 1.5 is 100% biodegradable and uses the same active ingredients as are formulated in over 85 products registered with the US EPA. It is approved for use under MIL-S-53021 (along with fuel stabilizer LTSA-35A ) for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense to protect fuel and equipment for intermediate and long periods of time.

Microbicide 1.5 is cost-effective, requiring only one gallon for every 10,000 gallons of fuel. Microbicide 1.5 is available through Fuel Technologies International in the following container sizes:

1 Quart
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
30 Gallon
55 Gallon

Is your intermediate or long-term fuel storage system protected with the proper biocide? Don't leave your stored backup fuel and diesel tanks vulnerable to microbial contamination -- it is important to check your system for microbial contamination. A microbial test kits is easy to use and require no prior laboratory experience.

Microbicide 1.5 (CONTACT FTI NOW)
Diesel Fuel Biocide, Microbiocide
The finest biocide available in the market place today — used to protect stored diesel from microbial contamination.

Suggested Treatment: 1 gal / 10,000 gal of fuel

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