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FTI Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance Systems — Products

Since no one can predict when an emergency will call upon your power fuel backup system, Fuel Tech's (FTI) stored diesel fuel maintenance system and emergency power fuel maintenance products are the only safe methods of emergency preparation.

Stored diesel fuel must be purified, but also should be treated for stability and microbial growth using biocides and fuel stabilizers. Protect your emergency power fuel system from commonly occurring moisture and contaminates, and save money, time, and lives, with FTI's stored diesel fuel maintenance system and diesel purification products.

Fuel Tech provides a three-tiered strategy for emergency power fuel filtration to ensure that your hospital, bank, prison, or other critical facility's backup generators are ready for action when you need them.

  • Fuel Maintenance: Fuel Tech offers automatic emergency power fuel filtration for single and multi tank stored diesel applications through four different FM approved automated diesel fuel filtering systems, suitable for up to 60,000 gallon stored diesel fuel tanks.
  • Biocides: Fuel Tech uses a biocide, Microbicide 1.5, to control microbial growth within the diesel fuel storage tank. Microbicide 1.5 is an EPA Registered Biocide in all 50 States.
  • Fuel Stabilizers: LTSA-35A – a chemical treatment – promotes diesel fuel stability, is self-dispersing, and does not require costly injection systems for introduction to the stored diesel fuel.

Fuel Tech's stored diesel fuel maintenance system runs on an optimum schedule to remove 99.5% of entrained water, free water, and particulate matter for maximum diesel purification. Call or Email FTI Today to order the emergency power fuel filtration system for your critical facility: (805) 462-8849.

Fuel Tech is a veteran-owned company; all products are manufactured in North America (USA), Are FM approved, and shipped internationally. Please note that FTI is not a provider of fuel transfer pumps, aviation fuel, or gasoline maintenance – Fuel Tech deals exclusively with diesel and biodiesel fuels.

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