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FTI manufactures automated diesel fuel cleaning systems and provides comprehensive fuel maintenance programs to fight stored diesel fuel degradation on all fronts—oxidation, microorganism growth and corrosion—so that your emergency power systems are safe, functional, and stable when you need them most.

Naturally, through the development of our line of products, we have become subject matter experts on diesel fuel maintenance, long-term  fuel cleaning systems, alternative diesels, emergency power supplies, best practices for emergency power preparedness, and more . Below are some articles we have published, which will be useful in your quest for answers about automated diesel fuel cleaning systems.

Is My Stored Diesel Fuel Ready for an Emergency?

Is There a Long-Term Stored Diesel Fuel Management System?

Should I Be Using Additives in My Stored Diesel Fuel?

What Is Your Position on Biofuel and Biodiesel?

Why Do I Need Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance?

Clean Fuel For Your Emergency Power Supply (EPS)

NFPA110 and Standby Power Systems Fuel 2002 Edition

NFPA 110 and Standby Power Systems Fuel 1996 Edition (Archive)

Reference from Authorities Regarding Long-term Diesel Storage

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